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Start a new job? You’ll find a life you’ll enjoy in Wisconsin. Let us help you make a home.

Love Where You Serve and Live

Look forward to life in Wisconsin. Your kids will go to great schools. The cost of living will be more affordable. And you’ll have the resources you need. We can’t wait to help you get here. 

You'll Be Cared For in Wisconsin

See yourself in Wisconsin? That’s great. Let us help you make the move easier. You’ll find plenty of helpful resources for you and your family. 

  • Transitioning service members - Done with active duty? Figure out what’s next with transition assistance. If you’d like, you can keep serving with the National Guard or Army Reserve. 
  • Available education benefits - The Wisconsin GI Bill forgives tuition at any Universities of Wisconsin or Wisconsin Technical College System school for you, your spouse, and your kids.
  • Veteran resources - Wondering what’s all available to you? This list of local, national, and federal resources is a good place to start. We want you to have what you need. 
  • Active member resources - The Service Member Support Division offers resources for deployment, child well-being, personal fitness, and more. You can also call their 24/7 support line.

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"Without a doubt, Wisconsin has a quality of life that is second to none. And there’s a culture of deep appreciation for our veterans here in the Upper Midwest; we know and honor their sacrifice, and we give our service members the respect they’ve earned."

Don Weber, Marine Corps Veteran, La Crosse

Veteran Employment Opportunities

You finished your service. Ready for what’s next? Let us help you take your talents to a new career. Veteran employment resources —like training services, financial support, and more—can get you started. 

Coming on active duty? Your spouse can apply for a reciprocal credential to continue their licensed work in Wisconsin.

Search Veteran Job Boards

You’re excited about opportunities. Employers are excited about you.

These Wisconsin companies have been recognized as Vets Ready Employer honorees for their exceptional support of the veteran workforce.

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Wisconsin Just for You

Where do we start? You’ll find so much to do in Wisconsin. Year-round outdoor recreation. Professional sports games. Even award-winning cheese. Check out these special opportunities.

Outdoor Recreation

Get outside, no matter the season. With forests, lakes, trails, and recreation galore, you’ll thrive in Wisconsin nature.

Things to do outside

Free Hunting and Fishing Licenses

As a veteran, you could be eligible for a one-time, free small game and fishing license. You’ll love these seasons in Wisconsin.

Claim your license

Wisconsin Veterans Museum

You’ll find lots of great museums in Wisconsin. This one honors our veterans’ stories and the state’s military history.

Explore the museum

“Transitioning out of the military was scary, but knowing there were veteran-friendly employers in Wisconsin made a huge difference.”

1st Sgt. Timothy La Sage, U.S. Marine Corps

Coming Together to Help Our Veterans

Assisting veterans is a statewide effort. From family benefits to employment services, you can come to any of us with questions. Click our logos to see everything we offer.

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