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Don’t know much about Wisconsin? There’s a lot to discover, even if you’ve been here before. Every region has something special. Forests and streams. Craft beer. Vibrant communities. Let’s take a little tour! 

  • Enjoy more than 70,000 farms (and sample cheeses that have won awards worldwide).
  • Access 21% of the world’s fresh water along our borders.
  • Get around easily on 12,000 miles of interstates and highways.

Northwest Wisconsin

You won’t be alone up here—unless you like it that way. Get involved in the region’s many vibrant communities with small-town atmospheres. If nature is your thing, there’s plenty of that to escape to. See for yourself!

  • Kayak picturesque sea caves (or see the ice caves in winter) on Lake Superior’s shoreline.
  • Enjoy the 22 Tree City USA, 12 Bird City USA, and 2 Playful City USA communities. 
  • Take it slow at the libraries, downtown shops, and farmers markets.
Explore the Northwest Region

East Central Wisconsin

You’ve got Lake Michigan on the coast, Lake Winnebago in the middle, and a good mix of urban and rural living all around. Sound pretty nice? You’ll love the life you can build in East Central Wisconsin. 

  • Move to highly ranked small cities for business, family, and job opportunities. 
  • Fuel your passions—aviation, road racing, and golfing are big here.
  • Surf (yes, we said surf) on Lake Michigan in the “Malibu of the Midwest.”
Explore the East Central Region

South Central Wisconsin

You’ll find our capital city here—along with so much more. South Central Wisconsin is a blend of everything you love. Great urban environments. Welcoming small towns. A world-renowned research university. Even home-grown beer (only sold in Wisconsin). We bet you’ll like it here. 

  • Get to know Madison, our vibrant state capital.
  • Enjoy the outdoors on miles of recreation trails—both rural and urban.
  • Pursue a passion in education, manufacturing, biotech, or another thriving industry.
Explore the South Central Region

Central Wisconsin

You’ll like this area for vacation. Living here? Even better. The outdoors is full of things to do (and some pretty beautiful views). Add in the region’s plentiful career and education opportunities, and there’s not much else you’ll need. Find your ideal home in Central Wisconsin. 

  • Find new job opportunities in manufacturing, tourism, and agribusiness.
  • Enjoy the abundance of hiking, hunting, kayaking, camping, and skiing opportunities.
  • Activate your senses at one of the many theaters, museums, and galleries.
Explore the Central Region

Northeast Wisconsin

Ever heard of Green Bay or Door County? Those are up here—and that’s not all. You’ll find small towns with great character, tons of water access, and like-minded outdoors lovers. Just wear some green and gold to fit in even more.

  • Get outside for camping, fishing, hiking, and more.
  • Sled (or cheer) at the World Championship Snowmobile Derby.
  • Walk downtown main streets and check out the thriving business, art, and restaurant scenes.
Explore the Northeast Region

Southeast Wisconsin

Not too big. Not too small. Here you’ll find Milwaukee’s metro area—shorter commutes included. But it’s not all city living. Enjoy Lake Michigan, small towns, and much more. Southeast Wisconsin could be just right for you. 

  • See why Vogue once named Milwaukee the Midwest’s Coolest City.
  • Find new career opportunities at six Fortune 500 companies in the area.
  • Live in highly ranked communities within 20 miles of downtown Milwaukee.
Explore the Southeast Region

Southwest Wisconsin

Need a good view? You’ll love the ones here. We call this area the Driftless region. It’s got rolling hills, bluffs, and lots of rivers and streams. (Can’t forget the Mississippi.) Tucked in between are communities for you to enjoy and call home. 

  • Enjoy a good mix of small towns near bigger cities. 
  • Access the largest concentration of cold-water streams in the world.
  • Celebrate different cultures, beer, dairy, and more at local festivals.
Explore the Southwest Region
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