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Passionate about what you do? Love that work-life balance? (Shorter commutes, anyone?) You’ll fit right in here. We have opportunities in food and beverage, tech, advanced manufacturing, and more. Grow your talents and come work in Wisconsin.

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We get it. Moving your career forward is just as important as striking a comfortable work-life balance. And you bet you can have both in Wisconsin. Whatever your goals, we’re ready to help you succeed.

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Take that big career step. Go after a job you’re passionate about in a new state you’ll love. We can’t wait to bring you on board. Browse these job boards for current job openings across the state.

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Find and apply for jobs in Wisconsin schools grades K-12.

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Major Wisconsin Employers

These logos look familiar? Lots of well-known companies have roots in Wisconsin (including eight Fortune 500s). Send in that resume. Your passion and talent could be just what they're looking for. 

“Moving from Colorado to Wisconsin was a difficult decision for our family. We knew it was the right choice because not only did we find work in our chosen career paths, but we also found fulfillment in the many arts, culture, and family-centric experiences that Central Wisconsin has to offer.”

Olivia Hill, Performing Arts Foundation, Wausau

Entrepreneurs Welcome

You have a vision. A business idea. And we’re all about it. Find the resources you need to get from concept to commercialization. You’ll have incubators, investment incentive programs, and supportive networks within reach.

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